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Drift Boss



Drift your car like a boss. Drift left and right with good timing. Concentrate and anticipate your drifts and skids in tight spots. How many points can you score?

The more you play Drift Boss, the easier it is to avoid falling off the platform. There are several ways the game rewards you for your progress.

Daily rewards – come back each day for a new daily reward.

Spin to win – spin to win rewards are random prizes that can occur at any time in the game.

These rewards are either boosters, or coins that you can use to purchase anything from boosters to cars with better handling. Boosters are perks offered at the start of each game to help boost your performance. These include double score, car insurance, and coin rush, which are available for one run only.

Play easily with one-button controls.
Unlockable vehicles with upgraded handling.
Progress rewarded daily.

How to play

Press the left mouse button or the space key to drift to the right.


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