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drift hunter


Overview Drift Hunters
Drift Hunters is a completely free online drifting game where you have a chance to meet various supercars and proudly glide through them.

Powered by the UNITY engine, this game will give you a whole new 3D physics world with unprecedented stable frame rates.

Customize the most powerful engine, Change accessories to become the most powerful car at your disposal. The brakes, weight, transmission, supercar, and engine can all be redesigned with common parts.

How to play?
  1. UP: Gas.
  2. DOWN: Brake.
  3. LEFT: Steer left.
  4. RIGHT: Steer right.
  5. SPACEBAR: Hand brake.
  6. C: Change camera.
  7. LEFT SHIFT: Shift up gear.
  8. LEFT CTRL: Shift down gear.
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