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The legend was true, Cartoon Cat does exist and you will have to face him in a rap battle in FNF Vs. Cartoon Cat; a mod for Friday Night Funkin'. With his big round eyes, crooked teeth and stretchy limbs, Cartoon Cat made it his business to challenge BoyFriend! The mod features a week with two songs, Trapped Mouse and Reruns. During the first music, the dancing rhythms will allow you to get to know your opponent of the day while warming up Boyfriend's vocal cords and your fingers on the keyboard.

Cartoon Cat's pupils constantly grow thinner or wider depending on his pose. Most of his poses are based on some of Trevor Henderson's illustrations of Cartoon Cat.

During the song "Reruns", Cartoon Cat starts to become visibly angry, he later shapeshifts into a Cartoon Monster version of Boyfriend.

Cartoon Boyfriend is a Cartoon Monster version of Boyfriend from Friday Night Funkin'. His body is black, and his bottom half is missing. He wears white gloves with three black line patterns on each glove, has crooked teeth, cartoon-ish eyes, and he holds a black microphone.

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