FNF Vs. Anders Full Week

FNF Vs. Anders Full Week

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Friday Night Funkin Vs. Anders Full Week is an FNF mod that features one custom character, three new songs, and even its own story told through custom dialogue and cutscenes. This mod introduces another character to the Friday Night Funkin universe. Boyfriend has become so popular that he now earned some enemies, enemies that lurk in the shadows. An agent from an unknown group has stepped on the stage to take on Boyfriend and end his run as the greatest emcee alive.

Its finally here, you can now fight Anders in 3 custom made songs with their own charts for all 3 difficulties. This mod is sported with it's own story, told through custom dialogue and custom cutscenes. This mod is also built on the Kade Engine, which means all those little improvements you see in those other mods are available here too.

This mod contains: 1 custom character [2 variants], 3 custom songs [the 3rd one is my favorite ;) ], 3 custom backgrounds, custom dialogue, cutscenes, custom health icons, custom menu bg, custom title screen, and custom sfx.

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