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FNF Vs. Gorefield

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Don't loose your coolness when you will have to face the evil version of the cat Garefield in the mod FNF Vs. Gorefield for Friday Night Funkin'. First appearing in the animated short Garfield Gameboy’d, your adversary of the day has left aside his legendary bonhomie and laziness. Indeed Gorefield is a psychopathic and sadistic version of the character created by Jim Davis and he will challenge you here in a ruthless musical battle on three songs. Your ally will be Jim, but he won't be of much use, paralyzed by the fear of seeing his favorite cat turn into an evil creature! Accompany Boyfriend and sing along to the music "Curious", "Metamorphosis" and "Hi Jon" and discover the story of this mod which pays tribute to one of the most famous cartoon characters in the world.

In this mod, everything is all nice and beautiful until what is bound to happen!

You are BF, and your great ally is Jon. you must work together to try and get rid of the beast and escape! Or do you decide to continue until the end...?

The mod currently contains:

3 Songs
Fucking Difficulty
And More!

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