FNF Vs. Trollface/Trollge

FNF Vs. Trollface/Trollge

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FNF VS Trollface/Trollge (Friday Night Funkin') is a work-in-progress FNF mod that matches Boyfriend against Trollface, the Internet's favorite meme character, in a full-length rap battle. The current version of the mod includes four songs with an additional Week to come in the future. Lets do a little trolling, shall we?

Boyfriend defeats everyone who crosses his path, making Daddy Dearest think about his options, he still thinks BF doesn’t deserves his daughter, and to put him in danger again, he sends Boyfriend and Girlfriend to another dimension, Bf and Gf wake up in a room full with pictures of memes, everyone of them including Trollface.

Trollface notices both of them in his dimension, and decides to do some trolling, unfortunately tho, Bf will not let that happen and challenges Trollface in a rap battle, Trollface agrees and the battle starts…but something is wrong.

Can Boyfriend defeat Troll Face and return to his dimension? Or will Bf get trolled and cause another “incident”. You’ll find out when VS Trollface comes out!


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