Friday Night Funkin HELLBEATS

Friday Night Funkin HELLBEATS

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Friday Night Funkin': Hellbeats is an overhaul mod, featuring a new story, new songs, and mod charts. Assumedly taking place 100 years after the base game, the mod depicts Boyfriend as an angel that has descended into Hell and fallen in love with Girlfriend, who is a demon.

The mod is currently receiving a full revamp, with remixes of the base songs and new charts, and updates to the character designs. Currently, the first 3 weeks have been revamped.

This mod comes much harder than the previous one. It has a lot of new characters. Besides, it features a lot of spam arrows to make the whole gameplay as tricky as possible. You are offered to select the difficulty mode – you can play Hard, Expert, and Hell regimes. Do not be surprised to find each song skillfully remixed. Does it sound intriguing? Take a minute to give it a try!

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