Super Friday Night Squid Challenge

Super Friday Night Squid Challenge

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About Super Friday Night Squid Challenge

Things are about to get intense in Super Friday Night Squid Challenge. How far will you get in this crazy online game that was inspired by Squid Game?

This popular duo is about to entertain a group of characters from the hit Netflix series. Can you help them keep up with the song in each level of this thrilling music game?

Boyfriend and Girlfriend back with new adventures. They lost all the money gambling and now they have to join to the Squid games. Help them to complete all the songs in different weeks to win the high prize and recover the money that they lost. Many people will die here but dont hasitate and keep dancing and dont miss any arrow. Complete the 12 levels and be the winner of 38 million USD in this crazy game.

How to Play Super Friday Night Squid Challenge?
Super Friday Night Squid Challenge is a fast-paced skill game. Press the arrows on your keyboard as the moving arrows on the screen match up with the grid at the top of it.

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