Battle For A Friday Night Disaster

Battle For A Friday Night Disaster

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Overview:Battle For A Friday Night DisasterGame

Times have turned dark! In the mod FNF Battle For A Friday Night Disaster (Battle for Corrupted Island V2), darkness has covered the world of Battle for Dream Island. Our friends of the séries Come and Learn with Pibby are corrupt and only high-intensity rap battles can save them. It's the mission of Pibby who will have to fight in music to restore order in his world.

The task will be difficult and perilous and Boyfriend does not seem to be around to help him. Will Pibby be strong and brave enough to save her friends from corruption and eradicate the zombies? The mod offers you an epic and long adventure over the course of 6 weeks consisting of 13 songs.

Many dialogues and custscenes will enhance the transitions between each song. Accompany Pibby and don't lose the rhythm against opponents who have lost their minds!

Tracklist: Verzephobia - Who Marks The Spot - Pudgy - Even Primes - Half Of Four - Loved Idols - Hatred - Pins and Needles - Exited - Bashed Friendship - Prevented Trust - Budget Cuts - Error

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