Friday Night Funkin Vs. Alfie + Ralsei

Friday Night Funkin Vs. Alfie + Ralsei

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Overview:Friday Night Funkin Vs. Alfie + RalseiGame

Friday Night Funkin Vs. Alfie + Ralsei, where these two new and really cool characters bring along awesome new custom songs. You will be helping our boyfriend beat Alfie and Ralsei in a musical battle! Alfie is a goat who has some Asian writing on his red hoodie. There is a bell that hangs around it and he is known as the master of the musical arts!  You will get to perform on three custom songs that are called Spectral-Sonnet, Forest-Fire and Goat. Ralsei is the other antagonist of the mod who is another goat and human hybrid. He has a single song that is called Vs Ralsei. Make sure you turn the progress bar green and win the game! Good luck and enjoy.

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