Super Friday Night Funki

Super Friday Night Funki

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A new version game distribution.

Well, then this game needs your undivided attention, because only if you focus hard and are on the beat will you be able to win each level of the game, there being a total of six. Each of them features a new song on which you play a rhythm game, and you can have different characters appear, such as Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Pico, or even imposters from Among Us.

At the top of the screen, you've got arrow symbols, and when the arrow symbols that float from the bottom upwards match them, at the same moment you have to press the same arrow key on your keyboard. If you do this correctly until you reach the end of the song, the progress bar turns in your favor, and you win!

Be careful not to miss pressing too many of the keys in a row, because if that happens, you have gone off-beat too much, and lose the game. It's that simple, so we invite you to start the fun right now, and see for yourself why we recommended this game and its category to you!

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