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Hinotori Rhythm

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Get ready to experience some action in this Hinotori Rhythm game. , she needs to move forward all the time and overcome the obstacles on her way.
This is more than just a standard running arcade – the game is richer than that! Everything you do in the game should be done along the rhythm. Run all the time and when you here the beats and special moments in the song, you will have to jump or attack your enemies. The melody will help and what is more – it makes your game more engaging! Enjoy!

Controls ?

D/F – Jump and Air attack beats on the top row.
J/K – Ground attack beats on the bottom row.
D/F + J/K at the same time to attack double beats that occupy both top and bottom rows.
Mash D/F/J/K to land as many hits as possible on the centre beats between the top and bottom rows.
Escape/Q Quit to menu for quick retry.

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