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Indie Cross (FNF)

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New opponents are waiting for you in this Friday Night Funkin Mod. In FNF: Indie Cross vs Cuphead, Sans & Bendy Mod, You’ll continue your journey of winning your Girlfriend’s heart. Convince your Girlfriend’s Dad by winning the rap battle against your opponents.

Iconic heroes from indie games have come together in FNF Indie Cross for Friday Night Funkin', an awesome and epic crossover mod featuring a demo week including three songs. Boyfriend's first opponent will be Cuphead, the main hero of the platform game created by the Studio MDHR. He will challenge you during a musical battle on the song Snake Eyes in a retro atmosphere faithful to the game. You can recognize Cuphead's Floral Fury level in the background. For his second duel Boyfriend will have to face Sans (hero of the independent game Undertale created by Toby Fox) on the song Sansational. After a rhythmic but classic first part the scene will change to switch to the retro black and white style of the original game and a new mechanic will require you to concentrate even more. Indeed, false bone notes will appear on the screen, don't press them! Boyfriend's third and final opponent will be the legendary Bendy, hero of several Joey Drew Studios creations and also world famous for the game and song of the same name Bendy And The Ink Machine! Here you will have to face off against Beast Bendy (Bendy after his transformation) on the song Last Reel. The furious beats will be the ultimate challenge of this week, be focused because Bendy will for sure try to distract your attention!

The Last Reel
Snake Eyes

Note Mechanic

Blue Bone Notes: Must Avoid
Orange Bone Notes: Must Hit
Ink Notes: You should avoid it.
Sin Notes: Must Avoid

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