Pico Night Punkin

Pico Night Punkin

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This is a low-res demake of Friday Night Funkin' made in PICO-8 for Pico Day 2021.
As always, today we are also coming back to our beloved category of Friday Night Funkin Games online, but the mod that you will play today is going to be quite special, it is called Pico Night Punkin', and it is called like that not because of the Pico character who is an antagonist here, but because it is a re-work of the original one made in the PICO-8 engine, which is just like the games back in the day on consoles that used these graphics. so we hope you enjoy :)
This is a low-res demake of Friday Night Funkin made using Pico-8 game engine.

Controls ?

Arrow Keys, ESDF or SDNM on Keyboard
Left, Down, Y, B on Xbox Gamepad
Left, Down, Triangle, Circle on Playstation Gamepad

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